The Sandbox Metaverse Review: A Complete Guide on Major Features 2023

The Sandbox metaverse is a virtual world that operates in The Sandbox gaming ecosystem based on Ethereum, using a native $SAND token, NFT tokens, and other integrated tools. The project launched an alpha version of the metaverse in November 2021. Users could buy early access on the OpenSea marketplace as an NFT and in other ways. 

Today, we will find out what the Sandbox metaverse is all about at the initial stages of its development. Let’s get started!

The Sandbox Alpha: Metaverse Opportunities

The Sandbox metaverse has now passed the first alpha season and has recently announced plans for a second play-to-earn alpha season in 2022. Here is what was done during the event: 


      • 5,000,000 $SAND distributed
      • 5,000 Alpha Pass (access keys) distributed 
      • 15,000 NFT tokens distributed 

    More than 200,000 people attended the Alpha Hub, 90% of them responded positively to the developments. In total, the participants spent over 150,000 hours in the game. Users moved around, communicated, and played in a virtual 3D space, traveling around various locations.


    The Sandbox Alpha Locations

    Full access to the season’s content required an Alpha Pass (NFT ticket entitling all features and exclusive rewards). Players without an Alpha Pass could still gain access to full-fledged contests and the multiplayer Alpha Hub, which includes a wide range of locations, quests, and communication with other players. However, users could not make money without a pass. 

    How You Can Get the Alpha Pass: 3 Ways to Know


        • LAND owner Alpha Raffle (only for LAND owners, that is, land plots in the metaverse). Around 1000 passes were given away this way. Each land plot gives an additional chance to win. 
        • Daily social contests (Twitter, Discord). Around 750 passes were given away among those who signed up for the newsletter and participated in various social network contests. 
        • Purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea. Some participants who had won a pass using the above methods sold it on OpenSea as an NFT token. Of course, prices are far from low — over $10,000. 

      Players without Alpha Pass had access to three games, different locations, and quests, the ability to interact with other participants. The pass was given away in NFT format to users’ wallets, for example, Metamask. 

      One should also expect the second season of The Sandbox Alpha, which is also available to all comers. This time creators will give away even more passes, add new rewards, new types of activity, many exciting surprises, and much more. The timing has not yet been announced.

      The Sandbox Alpha Review by First Participants 

      Here are locations that were available without a pass: 


          • Dungeon of Dum-Yz. The NPC provides you with a sword that can be used to slay monsters. Then the quest begins, which includes simple logic tasks and parkour elements. At the end of the second challenge, a player collects a chest containing a bronze breastplate that gives a character defense points. 
          • NFT Institute. It is an NFT museum located in a beautiful building with glass ceilings. Inside there are various NFT collections, a Snoop Dogg stage where players can listen to his NFT-themed songs. 
          • XYZ Club. It’s a virtual nightclub with a futuristic design featuring Deadmaus, where you can dance and chat with other players.


        XYZ Club

        To access the metaverse, you need to download a client for Windows from the official website and log in using e-mail.

        Players are mostly positive about the new metaverse. First of all, the graphics and controls work quite smoothly and do not slow down. In terms of gameplay, The Sandbox resembles Minecraft and a bit of Fortnite. As for drawbacks, players name music that is always on a constant loop, which users find very annoying. 

        Still, there is not much to do in the digital world without a pass, but the possibilities will expand. In 2022, players will probably have the opportunity to dive deeper into this metaverse. 

        The Sandbox Real Estate & Digital Land

        The excitement around the metaverses has resulted in the incredible earning potential of The Sandbox land plots. For example, one of the land plots was sold for $4.3 million in November. And in early December, someone paid $450,000 for a plot near Snoop Dogg’s land. 

        The co-founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, is convinced that this is only the beginning and that a fundamentally new economy will take place in the near future. Thus, he once said:

        The revolution has started, let’s create jobs and change the way people live, create, play, govern and earn in the virtual world! 2021 will be the Year of the Metaverse and will bring The Sandbox to life!

        As the virtual world develops, it will become easier for people to create and sell items, play games, earn money, and trade digital real estate. The total platform sales from 2019 to the present day are $211+ million. At the same time, Borget believes that the possibilities of digital real estate can grow 200 times in 15-17 months. 

        Blockchain technology is extremely useful for allowing users to own the digital content they create or buy. Each lot in the metaverse is an NFT controlled exclusively by its owner. Even the most common plots in this project are very expensive today, but they can bring even more profit in the future.


        The Sandbox LAND Map

        On December 23, The Sandbox announced that PwC Hong Kong had acquired a land plot in the metaverse. Thus, PwC Hong Kong became the first member of an internationally recognized professional services network and the first member firm of the PwC global network to enter The Sandbox publicly. 

        William Gee, Partner at PwC Hong Kong, noted that the metaverse offers new opportunities to create value through innovative business models and new ways of interacting with customers. 

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        The Sandbox $SAND Token: Key Features to Know

        The $SAND Token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a means of exchange in the ecosystem and serves to buy/sell land plots, assets, bonuses, NFTs, etc. Here are its other features: 


            • Platform governance.
            • Uploading your own NFTS to the marketplace to monetize them.
            • Bids with which you can get rare rewards.
            • Access to some paid games.
            • Reward for in-game actions.
            • Payment for the services of artists and designers. 
            • Holding competitions. 

          The developers do not plan to burn any $SAND token. All assets used by players are returned to the ecosystem and can be used to support content creators and a bidding pool.

          If you’re wondering where to buy SAND, you should definitely think about buying it at Switchere. On our platform, you have an opportunity to buy SAND in the fastest and most convenient ways using any available payment method. Moreover, we offer some surprising bonuses! Users of our platform enjoy a 0% service fee for the first order.


          All-Time $SAND Price Chart

          Top 3 Best Metaverses Worth to Know

          In addition to The Sandbox, such projects related to the metaverses dominated the market: 

          Decentraland ($MANA)

          In Decentraland, players can manage digital land parcels, hold various events such as music concerts. The company was founded in 2016 by Esteban Ordano and Ari Meilich. Both started with 2D games and then turned them into a large-scale virtual 3D world, implementing the concept of valuable items in the form of NFTs.

          Enjin ($ENJ)

          Enjin is focused on creating in-game NFT items. A software development kit (SDK) has already been successfully launched. It, in turn, facilitates the process of creating Ethereum-based NFTs for ordinary users and organizations. NFTs created on Enjin can be exchanged for $ENJ. These advantages give the project every chance to become an important part of the metaverse industry. 

          Bloktopia ($BLOCK)

          This virtual reality metaverse is a 21-story skyscraper designed for communication, work, and entertainment. The premises can be rented out. Bloktopia is built on the Polygon network ($MATIC). The platform provides gamers with tools to create their projects and even ad spaces.


          The Sandbox metaverse, like other blockchain digital worlds, has endless possibilities. There is a huge potential for artists, gamers, developers both in terms of earnings and establishing new business relationships. The future value of the metaverse is estimated at trillions of dollars. It will likely be commonplace to shop, communicate and do business through the digital universe. 

          However, it cannot be said that it will be soon. While everything is at fairly early stages of development, the developers are only testing the waters, and nevertheless, they are doing it very effectively.

          Have you ever played The Sandbox? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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