Top 7 Best GameFi Tokens to Buy in 2023

In 2022, the blockchain games market continued to grow. The level of interest in gaming crypto projects remains high despite the general downtrend in the crypto market. Not only players can earn on the development of such platforms, but also investors through the purchase of cryptocurrency. Today, we decided to find out which coins of gaming blockchain projects should be paid attention to by market participants.

#1 Axie Infinity (AXS)


      • Genre: collections, PVP, breeding
      • Blockchain: Ethereum
      • Market cap: $1,238,499,509 (AXS)

    Axie Infinity allows you to create and breed magical creatures Axies and participate in battles against other players. Users can make money by selling pets with rare stats as NFTs and earn rewards for winning battles and other in-game achievements. The game became incredibly popular — the market cap of its native token literally increased from zero to almost $3.5 billion in a year.

    AXS holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play Axie Infinity, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn AXS when they play various games within the Axie Infinity Universe and through user-generated content initiatives.

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    #2 STEPN (GMT)


        • Genre: sports
        • Blockchain: Solana
        • Native token: GMT, GST
        • Market cap: $531,655,689 (GMT)

      STEPN is a Move-to-Earn NFT game and a kind of fitness app. Users buy NFT sneakers, which they can use to earn in-game currency while walking, running, or jogging. This way, the game aims to revolutionize the market of fitness applications by incentivizing millions of users to follow a healthier lifestyle. 

      STEPN has two cryptocurrencies: Green Metaverse Token (GMT) and Green Satoshi Token (GST). GST is a game token, while GMT is a governance token. Both these in-game tokens are heavily used in the run & earn model.

      #3 Decentraland (MANA)


          • Genre: metaverse, virtual reality
          • Blockchain: Ethereum
          • Native token: MANA
          • Market cap: $1,601,483,670

        Decentraland is one of the best cryptocurrency games and one of the most popular blockchain metaverses. It opens up almost limitless opportunities to create items, arrange land plots, and make money on NFTs. The game is available in the browser and has a powerful community.

        MANA is the in-game currency of Decentraland, which serves as the platform’s cryptocurrency. MANA is an ERC-20 token that lets users purchase or trade LAND and pay for in-game goods and services. The token can be used to purchase estates, avatars, wearables, and unique names via the Decentraland Marketplace.

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        #4 Enjin Coin (ENJ)


            • Native token: ENJ
            • Blockchain: Ethereum
            • Market cap: $482,289,301

          Enjin is a service that allows game creators to issue non-fungible and fungible in-game tokens. The project cooperates with many large corporations, including Microsoft.

          Enjin coin is a project’s native token that players can use to purchase digital items. It is also a store of value that can be leveraged in the rapidly growing NFT market. Users can create websites, clans, chat, and open virtual stores for goods. In November 2021, the company formed the Efinity Metaverse Fund to support the growth of the network and ecosystem partners. 

          #5 The Sandbox (SAND)


              • Genre: metaverse, open-world
              • Blockchain: Ethereum
              • Native token: SAND
              • Market cap: $1,510,841,044

            The Sandbox allows developers to create their own game apps, in-game items, and land plots using a built-in constructor. Players can then sell the created items on the marketplace for SAND tokens. The metaverse provides a relatively wide range of options both for gamers and content creators.

            SAND is the utility token of The Sandbox, which facilitates all transactions on the platform. As a standard ERC-20 token, it allows its holders to stake it for profit. SAND is also used for network governance.

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            #6 Illuvium (ILV)



                • Genre: battle, open-world
                • Blockchain: Ethereum
                • Native token: ILV
                • Market cap: $65,781,308

              Illuvium ranks sixth in our NFT games list and is an open-world RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can earn in-game rewards. Thanks to the integration with Immutable X, players can experience a new era of NFT. You will get access to gasless payments, peer-to-peer minting, and instant transactions with secure asset storage. Illuvium combines elements of traditional RPG games with combat mechanics from the popular auto chess genre. The game’s launch is scheduled for 2022.

              The game’s native token ILV is used to reward players for their in-game achievements, entitles players to their share of the Illuvium Vault and is used for participating in the governance of the game via the Illuvium decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

              #7 Gala (GALA)



                  • Native token: GALA
                  • Market cap: $324,804,387

                Gala Games is a gaming ecosystem with its own token — GALA. Cryptocurrency serves as a tool to reward users of the project. Players can own NFTs and GALA tokens to influence the governance of games within the Gala Games ecosystem. The Founder’s Nodes voting mechanism allows players to influence what games Gala should develop and what games should get funding. 

                So far, the Gala Games gaming ecosystem has over 1.3 million users and has released one playable game — Town Star and an NFT collectible series — VOX. 


                The industry of GameFi and gaming tokens is one of the most promising to date. It provides a ton of opportunities for both developers and users. Players can monetize their time and effort, and a variety of decentralized game genres allows everyone to find a perfect game for every taste. 

                What NFT games do you play? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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