Top 15 Best NFT Games You Need to Know & Play in 2023

Top NFT games combine entertainment and economics and allow players to receive additional income, realize their creative potential, and monetize it. The genre variety is enormous! Day by day, developers prove that NFTs are useful in hundreds of fields and can be used almost everywhere.

Projects of this kind usually follow a Play-to-Earn model, where users can earn rewards and incentives for their in-game activity. This feature, in turn, attracts new users to the platform. 

Today, we will tell you about the best NFT games 2023 and consider their key features and benefits. Let’s get started!

Top NFT games: What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games are called two main types of games: those that use cryptocurrency or those based on NFTs (and one does not exclude the other, usually these options are combined in one project). 

In-game NFTs are significantly different from collectible NFTs (such as digital art), which essentially are simply stored in your wallet until you decide to resell them. In NFT games, a character, a land plot, or any other functional object used in the game mechanisms can be represented as a non-fungible token. If desired, you can buy or sell NFTs by interacting with other players. 

Earnings on the best NFT games 2021 depend on the mechanics of a particular project, as well as the time devoted to the game, the number of funds invested, and the current state of the crypto market. Therefore, it is impossible to predict earnings, and you need to try and evaluate your capabilities.

Best NFT Games 2023: Key Types to Know

NFT games can be divided into two main groups: 


      • P2E (Play-to-Earn). To start playing, a user must purchase their first NFTs — this can be costly if the game is popular. But in the future, in the course of the game, there is a chance to recoup investments. Incentives to users are usually paid in platform-specific utility tokens. A good example is Axie Infinity with its $AXS tokens. 


        • F2P (Free-to-Play). There are not so many games of this type, but they do not require any initial investments — you can start playing right away. In this case, the potential income will be lower, and usually, there is no utility token — that is, users make money only on NFTs. 

      The method with in-game tokens is considered a more stable way of earning than one based on NFTs only since the winning of valuable NFTs is highly dependent on randomness.

      In order to help novice players who do not have the opportunity or are afraid to make investments, special scholarship funds are established. Experienced players sponsor and train beginners, after which they are entitled to a share of the profits.

      Top NFT games can also be divided by many other parameters. Let’s consider the main ones with specific examples of games.

      By Genre: 


          • Action (МaticVerse, CryptoPlanes); 
          • Adventures (Worldwide Webb, СoddlePets); 
          • Arcade (Вombcrypto, Crypto Shooter);
          • Pet breeding (Waves Ducks, Axie Infinity, Genopets);

        By Blockchain Network: 


            • Ethereum (Axie Infinity, Decentraland);
            • Binance Smart Chain (Alien Worlds, MOBOX);
            • WAX (Alien Worlds, cryptomonKeys);
            • Tron (CropBytes, Blockchain Cuties);
            • EOS (Upland, Kolobok).

          What Role Do NFTs Play in Games?

          In-game NFTs allow you to generate income regardless of incentives in the form of tokens (ERC-20, BEP-20, etc.). Collectibles have actual playable value — for example, they help in combat or gameplay. As a result, the potential income also grows. 

          NFTs vary in rarity. It is pretty clear that the rare ones are more expensive. Players decide how important it is for them to buy this or that NFT and how it will help during the gameplay.

          Some games come with a built-in constructor to create your own objects and sell them as NFTs. In this case, it is not necessary to play them. Thus, it can be considered as an independent way of making money.

          NFT Games List: 15 Most Popular NFT Games 

          New NFT games appear almost every day, and sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the most promising one. Thus, now is the time to compile a list of the best NFT games!

          #1 Alien Worlds 


              • Type: F2P 
              • Genre: strategy, economy, space 
              • Blockchain: BSC, WAX 
              • Native token: $TLM 

            Alien Worlds is a kind of simulation of the traditional economy in virtual alien worlds. It is a social metaverse where you need to mine Trilium, rule planets, and rent out digital land to other players.

            #2 Splinterlands


                • Type: F2P 
                • Genre: card game
                • Blockchain: Hive 
                • Native token: $SPS 

              Splinterlands ranks second in our NFT games list. It is a collectible card multiplayer game that resembles both Pokémon and World of Warcraft/Hearthstone. There is a mystical plot based on which the narration proceeds. You can earn by fighting other players and completing quests.

              #3 Axie Infinity


                  • Type: P2E
                  • Genre: Pet breeding, fights
                  • Blockchain: Ethereum 

                Axie Infinity is a digital metaverse inspired by Pokémon, where players use creatures called Axies in PvP or PvE battles. Successful battles are financially rewarded. Thus, you need to improve and upgrade your pets to win. 

                #4 Farmers World


                    • Type: Р2Е 
                    • Genre: farm 
                    • Blockchain: WAX 
                    • Native tokens: $FWW, $FWF, $FWG 

                  Farmers World is the first farm game launched on the WAX NFT platform. Players can choose suitable tools for themselves, use various resources to develop their farms, purchase land, raise animals, and much more.

                  #5 Upland


                      • Type: F2P 
                      • Genre: construction, metaverse
                      • Blockchain: EOS 
                      • Native token: $UPX (not yet released) 

                    The idea of the Upland metaverse is to create an exact digital copy of the real world. You can buy and sell real estate, make money on it, or do business in the game. You can communicate and freely interact with other users, enjoy many economic opportunities, and own land parcels. 

                    #6 The Crypto You


                        • Type: P2E
                        • Genre: fights, strategy 
                        • Blockchain: BSC 
                        • Native token: $МILK, $BABY 

                      The Crypto You is a game with a very unusual idea on a children’s theme — it is necessary to protect the planet, where only babies live, from the Dark Invasion. To start the game, you will need to mint your first character, which will cost 50 $BABY. Characters have different roles — thus, your earnings may vary.

                      #7 Galaxy Blocks


                          • Type: F2P 
                          • Genre: logical
                          • Blockchain: ThunderCore 
                          • Token: $TT 

                        A player needs to place blocks in the correct order. If you do it quickly and win the competition, you can receive $TT tokens as a reward. You need to download the ThunderCore hub to your smartphone to start the game. 

                        #8 BombCrypto


                            • Type: P2E 
                            • Genre: strategy, arcade 
                            • Blockchain: BSC 
                            • Native token: $BCOIN

                          In the BombCrypto game, users need to control cyborgs programmed to fight monsters and search for BCOIN. You can build your staff house, go on an adventure, or start a rescue mission.

                          #9 MOBOX


                              • Type: P2E 
                              • Genre: strategy, RPG
                              • Blockchain: BSC
                              • Native token: $MBOX 

                            MOBOX is an entire infrastructure that combines DeFi and GameFi elements. Here, users can access several different profitability strategies and create unique NFTs demanded in the gaming market. The project is actively developing and is gradually creating its own metaverse. 

                            #10 X World Games


                                • Type: F2P
                                • Genre: card
                                • Blockchain: BSC
                                • Native token: $XWG 

                              It is a gaming blockchain ecosystem based on a collectible card game but with the prospect of expanding gaming opportunities. The project’s roadmap states that it is a full-featured game creation tool, a game hub, and more.

                              #11 Crazy Defense Heroes


                                  • Type: F2Р
                                  • Genre: strategy, tower-defense
                                  • Blockchain: Ethereum 
                                  • Native token: $ТOWER 

                                It is the first solely mobile game in our NFT games list where you need to defend towers from attack, perform various tasks, and open chests. You can summon a dragon to incinerate enemies, freeze opponents, send magic rain at them, and much more. 

                                #12 Arc8 by Gamee


                                    • Type: F2P
                                    • Genre: arcade, card game
                                    • Blockchain: Polygon
                                    • Native token: $GMEE 

                                  It is a mobile game about e-sports. You need to fight and defeat opponents and receive $GMEE tokens as a reward. In addition to single-player games, the platform also hosts large tournaments with more prizes.

                                  #13 Play Mining


                                      • Type: F2P
                                      • Genre: logical, farm, card game
                                      • Blockchain: DEA
                                      • Native token: $DEP 

                                    Play Mining is a gaming platform that currently includes three apps of different genres. The game allows you to earn a $DEP token by winning battles, harvesting crops, solving puzzles. The platform also has its own NFT marketplace. 

                                    #14 CryptoBlades


                                        • Type: P2E 
                                        • Genre: RPG 
                                        • Blockchain: BSC, Avalanche, OKExChain
                                        • Native token: $SKILL 

                                      CryptoBlades is an RPG game where you can fight opponents, create unique, powerful weapons, take part in raids, and trade items in the integrated marketplace. The gameplay is based on four elements, which, together with other factors, affect the success of each battle.

                                      #15 Metamon


                                          • Type: P2E
                                          • Genre: fights
                                          • Blockchain: ВSC

                                        It is the first blockchain game from the Radio Caca project within the Metamon USM metaverse (United States of Mars). The developers promise an innovative economic model, easy integration with other blockchain games within the metaverse, and a highly liquid NFT market. 


                                        NFT games are an innovative and fun way for gamers, traders, investors, developers to interact. This field somehow affects almost the entire crypto industry. New, fast blockchains are great for launching projects, and the economics of games are becoming more sophisticated and multifaceted. But do not forget that this area is no less risky than other crypto investments. So choose games wisely and never invest all your savings in NFT games!

                                        If you are interested in the list of upcoming NFT games, make sure to check our complete review on the best ones!

                                        What are the best NFT games? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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